Woman Meets A Stray Cat-Mom And They Get To Be The Most Admirable Pregnant Besties

Lauren Maners has always loved rescuing animals and giving them shelter, but as she was preparing for the birth of her daughter Kylie she decided to take a break of doing that for a while.

“I had a long history of caring for animals as well as their rehabilitation, but as I got closer to the end of my pregnancy and giving birth I decided that it was time to take a break of all that, because the animals that I cared for mostly had some kind of disease and needed much care, which I wouldn’t have time for any longer as soon as the baby was born”, Maners said.

She was very sure about her decision – until she met Dove.

On the same morning, on which Maners made her decision for not giving shelter to a cat for a while, she and her husband were driving home after a breakfast, as they suddenly noticed a wounded cat in an empty parking space. She immediately told her husband to stop the car, to find out what had happened to the cat. At this moment she realized that the poor cat wasn’t only wounded, but also pregnant.

“I knew that she was hurt and kind of felt attached to her, since we both were heavily pregnant”, Maners said. “I got to catch her by attracting her with our leftovers and then wrapping her into my Jacket. We then brought her to the vet to check her up.”

After the vet checked up on her, the couple took the cat, which they later called Dove, to their home and made sure that she got settled in their house and felt comfortable. They asked around, if she had a family searching for her, but instead they found out from locals that she had been a stray for most of her lifetime. Therefore, Maners decided to break her own rules and care for the pregnant cat-mom and her future kittens and lastly to help them find a perfect home.

It didn’t take much time until Dove felt very comfortable in her new home, and it was obvious that she would bring birth to her babies at this place. The two pregnant moms became friends very quickly and loved spending the last weeks of their pregnancies together.

“She followed me everywhere and loved sitting with me outside in the garden every morning and getting petted on her belly, while we had breakfast together”, Maners said.

Eventually it was time for Maners to give birth to her daughter Kylie – and as they returned home from hospital she realized, that Dove as well gave birth to her kittens.

“They were probably born at the same time”, she said.

Dove gave birth to 6 adorable baby cats and Maners couldn’t believe how special it was that they gave birth at the same time. As the kittens grew up, Kylie as well grew up. So the babies of both moms were able to play together and to discover the big great world.

„When my daughter was 5 weeks old she started to recognize the kittens when I brought them to her and my husband to help me feeding them and giving them attention”, Maners said. “The kittens were also very curious when they saw Kylie”.

After giving shelter to the sweet little family and caring for them for months, Maners and her family found a forever home for all seven of them. They were sad that they couldn’t keep even one of the cats, but thankfully not a single cat lives far away from them, therefore Maners and Kylie can still see their best friends from time to time.

“Thankfully the cat-mom lives with a friend of mine, so that I still get news about her and several babies also live with people that I know, therefore I can even visit them”, Maners said.

Maners went from „not having foster animals during pregnancy” to caring for a heavily pregnant cat-mom and giving birth at about the same time. Neither she nor her daughter Kylie will ever forget this experience.

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