Woman Prepared A Body Bag To Bury A Dog When She All Of A Sudden Got Back On Her Feet

Rescue workers were alerted to a malnourished canine that was wandering the streets. The local residents, who were dealing with their own difficulties, had repeatedly passed by the dog without offering any help. Eventually, they began calling the dog “Peanut” as they passed by.

Peanut’s condition was heartbreaking to witness as she would frequently collapse in the middle of the sidewalk or road due to her inability to move properly. Volunteers were amazed that Peanut was still alive despite her emaciated state. She was completely bald due to severe mange and her skin was covered in sores.

Despite her weakened state, Peanut was determined to survive. One woman even brought a body bag in case the dog had passed away. Rescuers carefully lifted her up and took her to the veterinarian. Her chances of survival were extremely slim.

However, her new human companions were overjoyed when they received Peanut’s blood test results. Although she had distemper, she could still be nursed back to health with the right care. Peanut couldn’t be near other sick animals due to her weakened immune system.

The rescue team contacted Mike and Joy, who had previously fostered other dogs, to take care of Peanut. She was in desperate need of love and attention, and the couple was more than happy to provide it.

Peanut was given special instructions on how to gain weight without becoming sick, and she devoured her food eagerly. The couple documented her progress, and within a week, Peanut had gained a healthy amount of weight and her fur was starting to grow back.

Three weeks later, Peanut returned to the veterinarian for a checkup, and everyone was amazed by her progress. She was more confident and looked like a completely different dog. With consistent meals and love, Peanut finally felt safe and secure.

Like all dogs, Peanut deserved a second chance. We applaud the efforts of those who intervene to help animals in need.

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