Woman Delivers An 11-Pound Baby, But Baby Couldn’t Fit In Newborn Clothing

A MUM was left “shocked” after giving birth to an 11lb 5oz baby – the biggest born at her hospital this year.

Grace, 38, from Berkshire, said her lovely daughter Annie weighed 8lb 13oz but was far larger than expected, making her essentially the size of a nine-month-old baby.

Proud mum Grace said Annie arrived four months ago by planned C-section at 37 weeks

“I knew she was going to be huge, but I had guessed around 9lb 2ozs,” the full-time mother said.

“She was placed in my arms, and they brought the scales over to weigh her next to me.”

“She is also the largest baby born at the hospital so far this year.”

Grace claimed her boyfriend and the hospital personnel at Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey were both taken aback when they saw Annie’s weight.
She said: “We were all surprised when she went on the scales. She’s just beautiful.

“My partner was just gobsmacked, he knows growth scans can be a bit out so guessed that she’d actually be about 8lb 12ozs.

“We both kept laughing and just looking at her.

They described how a mother’s kid was born the size of a toddler, was three times the size of other infants and required nine-month-old clothing. In other parenting news, make his own dinner from scratch – chopping veg & boiling pasta – but insists it’s not dangerous.

They donated all her newborn clothes to the hospital and as you can see, they couldn’t even do up the top popper.”

Grace is also the mother of Oliver, 10, and Albert, six, who were born significantly lighter at 8lb 10ozs and 8lb 4ozs, respectively. Grace claims that she already has three children, the latest of whom will be Annie.

She joked: “Definitely no more children…I would dread to think how much the next one could weigh and I think I’d quite like to get back to losing weight.
“For good this time!!”


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