X-44 Manta: Could This Be The Future Of The US Air foгсe

If the X-44 would have been stealthier than the F-22, it stands to reason that it was the impetus behind the NGAD program. The NGAD will likely have the wedge-shaped, tailless design of the X-44. No-tail aircraft, a design the NGAD will likely tаke oп, creates a lower radar signature.

The X-44 Manta is designed to be a high-speed, low-observable unmanned aircraft capable of performing a variety of missions, including air-to-air combat, reconnaissance, and strike operations. Its sleek, stealthy design would allow it to evade detection by enemy radar systems, making it a valuable asset for the US Air Force if it were to be developed and deployed in the future.

That being said, the US Air Force is always exploring new technologies and capabilities to maintain its dominance in the air, and it’s possible that the X-44 Manta or a similar concept could play a role in future operations. But again, any specific plans or decisions regarding the future of the US Air Force are not publicly available.

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