You’ll be sorry if you don’t have one of these amazing leg tattoos.

Feet aren’t necessarily the most attractive part of the body, so a cool foot tattoo provides an opportunity to make them look nicer.

Body art for the feet has existed for over 50,00 years and has one of the biggest varieties of styles due to the diversity of different linked cultures, and the tastes of men and women ink.

From behind the toes to the sides and heel – even occasionally the sole – a lot of designs are individual artistic expressions made to represent one’s identity or interests.
Foot tattoos are almost universally painful because there’s a lot of bone but not much flesh, and they can rival the hands for ink fall out. Most collectors (I have both feet tattooed) deem it worthwhile to possess a killer design on them forever.

Check out this group of top 65+ foot tattoos that may contribute to your next tattoo decision.

Butterfly Foot Tattoo Ideas

Elegant Foot Tattoo Designs

Foot Tattoos Featuring Flowers

Foot Tattoo Ideas For Men

Mandala Foot Tattoo Ideas

Tribal Foot Tattoo Art


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