40 Times People Saw Trees ‘Devouring’ Random Objects And Just Had To Share Proof Online

Trees grow tall and mighty, and they don’t care what stands in their way. Neither signs, sculptures, nor other things that we attach to them can match their strength.

We at Bored Panda put together a list of pictures that show “hungry” trees devouriпg everyday objects just because they can.

So continue scrolling to remind yourself that nature is a force to be reckoned with. And if, for whatever reason, you need more proof after you’re done, fire up our earlier publication about the times Mother Earth made people go “well, that sucks.”

#1 Trees Can’t Read

#2 Tree Grew Around This Sign, Only Leaving The Word “Help” Visible

#3 This Tree Grew Around A Stone Sculpture Of A Face, Making It Appear As If There Is A Green Man Trapped Inside


#4 Nom Nom Nom

#5 This Sculpture Of Jesus At Abandoned Cemetery In Poland Gets Slowly Absorbed By A Tree

#6 How?

#7 Shariпg Is Cariпg

#8 I Am A Mailman, I Deliver To This Box Every Day

#9 Old Johп Deere Parked For The Last Time

#10 Arms In The Air And Smiling

#11 During An Engagement Shoot, We Came Across This Truck In A Tree

#12 The ‘Hungry Tree’, Slowing Devouring A Park Bench In Dublin, Ireland

#13 After 10 Months This Tree Has Almost Swallowed A Key

#14 Massive Strangler Fig

#15 Tree Astride A Wall

#16 You Would Squint Too, If You Had To Gobble Up A Traffic Sign

#17 This Tree Devouring The Buddha Statue

#18 Trees Sucking On A Swing In New Jersey

#19 The Way This Tree Is Stripping The Paint Off This Sign Only To Cover Itself In Paint

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