A premature baby, smaller than the palm of his mother’s hand, fought for his life.

A premature baby, smaller than his mother’s palm, fought for his vida
A premature baby in the UK successfully fought for her vidad after being born at just 22 weeks gestation. Austin Douglas was born 18 weeks ahead of schedule, on March 31. Doctors told his parents, Helen and Rhys, that his chances of survival were very slim.

Austin’s skin was so thin you could see her organs through it, and his ear holes hadn’t formed yet.

After weeks of specialized care at Birмingham Children’s Hospital, the baby is on the mend and his parents will be able to take him home on her due date next month.

When Helen arrived at the hospital in March, she was told that her labor was complete and there was no way to stop the labor. Helen shared: “he has been struggling since day one. I told the doctors that if he is born healthy and safe, I want them to do everything possible to save his life”.

“His heartbeat is strong and now he can breathe on his own. He had never prayed so much in my vida”.

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