This Little House Will Make You Fall in Love With Mini Living

Fredericksburg calls if you’re looking for an outdoor experience.

This trip may be had in Das Woerner Haus, a little cottage only minutes from downtown Fredericksburg.

You’ll adore this lovely tiny house with a whimsical exterior design.

There are so many outdoor activities in Fredericksburg that it may take several days to do them all. You may explore the natural park, which is home to 300 bird species, walk or rock climb, cycle or horseback ride on EnchanteRock during your stay at Das Woerner Haus. Just relaxing in this modest abode for a few days can be enough to ease the city’s fatigue.

This little house was created as a one-story cottage on a gorgeous panoramic landscape, with the living rooms artfully arranged in the corners.

The walls of this little house, which has wood floors, are painted white, making the interior light and expansive.

Look See How This Family Does It!

There are seats and a coffee table in the portion designated as a sitting area, as well as a fireplace for use on chilly days. You may also watch television here.

This little house’s kitchen is completely equipped. All of the equipment that would be found in a typical home may be located here. The kitchen sink is installed on the island, which also functions as a dining table. This island also has a food preparation and cooking bench with various drawers and cabinets.

In the portion designated for sleeping, there is a fairly spacious double bed. There is also a cabinet in this portion where you may store your items.

In one corner of the little house, a separate bathroom was erected; the bathroom is rather huge. A cabinet with a marble surface is located within. Moreover, the walls of the shower area, which features a typical shower tray, are coated with ceramics.

There is a veranda at the front of the house. In this patio, you can enjoy the unique view while sipping your coffee in the rocking chairs.

The front garden of the tiny house is decorated with natural stones, and privacy is provided by surrounding it with a plastic screen. You will have a lot of fun watching the goats and chickens wandering around in the jacuzzi located here.

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