Incredible but true: brazilian woman gives birth to a 7.3 kg baby in 9-month-old clothes

Today we are going to tell you a story that will really surprise you, especially the ladies who are already mothers: a woman from brazil gave birth to a 7.3 kg baby.
Claydiane Santos dos Santos gave birth to her son, Angerson, weighing an incredible 7.3 kilograms and measuring 59 centimeters in length by caesarean section on January 18. The newborn broke the record for the largest baby м in the brazilian state of the Amazon and narrowly missed the national record of 8 kg.

The doctors, nurses and staff were stunned. They couldn’t give him the honor point hats that are given to newborns because he had nothing left! As for diapers, that too was a whole new story. A curious fact is that a 7.3 kg baby needs clothes directly like a 9-month-old baby. He skipped his entire first year!
The mother says that during a routine visit, the doctors noticed that the baby was too large to come to term, so they induced the planned labor well before the expected date. baby Angerson is definitely a miracle and he arrived safe and sound. What a bendition!

In Coin, Angerson is still in an incubator, but both he and his mother are stable. According to doctors, the most probable is that the size of the newborn depends on his mother’s diabetes. Cleidiane was relieved because he arrived safe and sound without any medical complications.

In case you didn’t know, the largest natural baby was born in Italy in 1955 and weighed in at a whopping 10.2 kilograms!
Regardless of our size, God created us all in his image. May the baby Angerson continue to thrive and be big and strong. May his and his life be a bendition to his parents as they raise this sweet boy together.
We wish Angerson health and a happy childhood!

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