A dog emerges from a rabbit hole in an underground maze after 56 hours.

Video was taken of the amazing moment a dog found her owner after spending more than two days buried below.

As a worker carefully digs her out, Flossie can be seen popping her head out of the hole and into the sunlight.

Although she seems a little anxious about being lifted onto the ground, it is apparent that she is happy to see her owner Bracken Jelier again after he placed a search request on Facebook.

It turned out that Flossie had gone rabbiting and gotten lost, as she had expected, but she had only ventured as far as the Crediton neighbor’s garden.

Bracken begged for assistance in investigating the area’s many rabbit tunnels in her Facebook post, and another dog was able to find where she became trapped.

After being buried for 56 hours, she was discovered on Thursday afternoon and subsequently rescued by a member of the Mid Devon Hunt, as shown on video.

Another Facebook post by Bracken provided an update for those worried about her pet: “We are over the moon to say that Flossie has been found.”

She was found after 56 hours buried below thanks to a very long story and some remarkable coincidences.

We are overjoyed to bring her home, and other than being underweight and a bit dehydrated, she is in perfect health.

She continued, “Thank you for all of the wonderful notes. The response we’ve received from everyone is overwhelming. We also unfortunately recognize that many folks never locate their dogs.

“Therefore, we will always be grateful that we were among the fortunate.”

She added, “As you can see, she has settled back into home very wonderfully indeed,” after posting a picture of Flossie curled up on a dog bed.

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