A massive hoard of WW2 medals has been discovered, which experts describe as a “once in a lifetime find.”

A massive hoard of World War II medals was recently discovered in a small town in Enrope, including 180 EK2 Iron Crosses, 70 KvK War Merit Crosses, and Flak Badges. The discovery has sparked excitement among collectors and historians, who describe it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The medals were discovered in an old box that had lain in an attic for decades. The medals are thought to have been saved by a war veteran who wanted to keep them safe for future generations. The medals are said to be in excellent condition, with many still in their original packaging.

The EK2 Iron Cross was one of the most prestigious medals awarded during WWII. It was given to German soldiers who had shown extraordinary bravery and heroism in battle. The KvK War Merit Cross was given for distinguished service during the war, and the Flak Badge was given to anti-aircraft gnnners who had shown exceptional skill and bravery in the line.

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Be Tien