A mutant pig with two trunks and eight legs on the same body was successfully born.

There is a piglet mutant with two legs and eight legs.

Mr. Gao Baiqi, a farm owner in Liyi city, Shadog province, China, said he was amazed when he discovered a female pig with 2 hoofs on the same body and 8 legs in all.

Gao commented: “I have never seen anything like this before. He even tried to isolate the deformed pig from the herd for mating, but the animal writhed and died within minutes of being born.

The deformed target died shortly after birth.
“I even prepared milk to feed it,” explains Mr Baiqi, “but the animal died within minutes.”

There is still no definite explanation as to why this piglet has such a special shape. Some scientists believe that these animals are indeed ideal twins, but mutations have made them impossible to separate completely, similar to the situation of conjoined twins in humans

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Be Hieu