A Russian fisherman caught a strange fish in Norwegian waters, scaring investigators

A Russian fisherman has caught a strange fish in the Norwegian Sea. The photo of the fish is vsmelling viral on social media.

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Born and raised in Russia, Roma Fedorsov is a fisherman. Roma, 39 years old, was fishing in the Norwegian sea a few days ago. After a short wait, Roma tries her luck. When the pet is removed, there is something strange inside.


Dragging the mascot towards the bote, Roma pulls out the strange creature inside. What creature resembles a dragon with large eyes, a tail, and a beaked body structure? After this, Roma took a picture of the fish and shared it on her Instagram page. Now this photo is getting vsmelling viral.


In this case, he revealed that the gypsy favorite was a rare fish called chimera. They are also called ghost sharks. Researchers say that these fish, which generally viven at the bottom of the ocean, appeared in the sea about 400 million years ago.

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Roma shared a photo of her hotshot on Istagram, which got 22,000 likes. In addition, speaking of this, Roma said that he has caught many strange creatures in the Norwegian and Bare seas in northern Russia and in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.


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