The dog has to warm the little girl every day so they can be together

A young girl named Scarlett has found the secret to a good night’s sleep: her 99-pound rescue pit bull.
Lebowski, a puppy that the Geiger family adopted from Priceless Pet Rescue four years ago, immediately struck up a connection with Scarlett.

According to Jennifer Geiger, the mother of Scarlett Geiger, Scarlett first met Lebowski when she was four years old and he was just ten weeks old. She adored her puppy and was immediately smitten by his gorgeous features. I’d say they both felt a strong attraction to one another immediately away.

Lebowski started acting just like his older sister. While the puppy sat by her side, she dressed up, attended tea parties, and completed her homework.

Lebowski, on the other hand, preferred taking naps with his mates.

Lebowski has been curled up next to Scar to slumber since since we brought him home, Geiger continued. “They’ve passed out on the couch together a lot.”

When Lebowski was about eight months old, he started to disappear at night. There were times when Geiger would awaken in the middle of the night and be unable to locate him.

Lebowski was eventually found by Geiger hiding under Scarlett’s bed, “like a monster,” as Geiger put it.

Later, one night, when Geiger unlocked Scarlett’s room’s door, he saw Lebowski dozing next to her. He settled in at her side and hasn’t stopped since, according to Geiger.

After all these years, Scarlett and Lebowski are still sharing her twin bed. Geiger wrote on Instagram, “Wherever they sleep in this house, it’s always together and that’s all that matters to them.

If Scarlett isn’t at a sleepover, it won’t be long until Lebowski makes his way to her room. Geiger said, “When we tell him to go to bed, he comes over to Scar and cuddles up. It’s the cutest thing, the speaker exclaims.

He keeps a close eye on his girl and mopes around while they are apart, she claimed. “We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to see their affection as they develop together and go on new adventures. Their friendship is truly remarkable,”

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