Harry Potter in the 80’s would be UNREAL

The 1980s were a time of bright colors, bold fashion, and big hair, and Harry Potter would have been no exception. The Hogwarts students might have sported neon-colored robes with shoulder pads, oversized glasses, and teased hairdos. The wizarding world would still be full of magic, but without the modern technology of the later years, it would have a more old-fashioned feel. The Hogwarts castle would be illuminated by colorful neon lights, and the students might communicate using pagers or walkie-talkies instead of smartphones. The magical creatures might have a more retro feel, with unicorns, griffins, and dragons that look like they stepped out of an ’80s heavy metal album cover. Overall, Harry Potter in the 80s would have been a colorful and fun ride through a magical world that’s infused with the spirit of the era.

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Au Gia Lam