Mastering the Art of Tattoo Error Correction


Tattooers’ nightmare, what is it? That’s the broken tattoo. No one wants to spend money on effort, waste time and especially suffer for hours on the tattoo chair and the end result is not satisfactory.

Causes of bad tattoo repair
There are many reasons why your tattoo is bad or damaged. There are objective reasons and there are subjective reasons. Let’s find out these reasons to avoid having to fix a broken tattoo!

Tattooist: This is the factor that determines whether your tattoo is good or bad. If the tattoo artist’s skill is too poor, inexperienced or just an apprentice, condolences for this unfortunate incident of yours.

Facilities: If you can’t find a decent and reputable tattoo address, you are at risk of getting a bad tattoo. This is not entirely due to the tattooist anymore, but it can be caused by other reasons such as: poor quality tattoo ink, uneven ink color; Using old tattoo needles, unsecured facilities not only makes your tattoo bad, damaged but more serious is the risk of skin infection.

Do not listen to the instructions of the tattooist: Before and after the tattoo, the tattooists will carefully guide you on what to do or abstain from so that you can prepare psychologically as well as coordinate the best for your tattoo. Create the perfect tattoo you want. If you “unfortunately” forgot something, sorry, you need to find another tattoo art to correct it.

Due to your body: this is a force majeure, you can’t do anything to change it, only when the tattoo is done will you know what’s going on. So if you fall into this cause, you should choose a fake tattoo or try a small tattoo first, it will be easier.

How to fix bad, broken tattoos
Method 1: remove tattoo. This is the most reluctant choice. Because you should know: tattoo is painful, tattoo removal is even more painful. Currently, there are many safe tattoo removal technologies, you can rest assured to use them! The most important thing is that you choose a quality and reputable tattoo removal address.

Method 2: use another tattoo at a more reputable tattoo address. You can insert tattoo on the old tattoo, so you can cover all the defects of the old tattoo and you can still own a tattoo as beautiful as the original desire.

The rose that has faded over the years has been repaired into a large, brilliant bloom.

The small, simple wing, lacking in detail, was fixed by a talented tattooist into a soft feather.

And here’s how to delete your ex’s name after a breakup.

These are probably also the characters that need to be removed and replaced with another impressive tattoo.

The original tattoo wasn’t bad at all, but it’s been “cooler” since then.

When the tattoo artist is not good at grammar, the more fun way you can do it is to turn it into a quiz like this.

A time of “tiger” has passed, now we just like to be as gentle as flowers.

After being corrected, the tattoo is more detailed and impressive.

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Be Hieu