This tiger was given a giant gold implant after cracking her own tooth

A beautiful tigress named Sahebrao, living at the Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park in Pune, India, was recently given a gold implant to replace a cracked tooth. This 10-year-old tigress had been experiencing dental issues for some time and zoo officials were worried about her health.

After examination, veterinarians found that Sahebrao had cracked her upper canine tooth while eating. The tooth had to be extracted, and because of its size, it could not be replaced with a conventional prosthetic tooth.

The zoo officials came up with an innovative solution to create a gold implant to replace the cracked tooth. The implant was custom-made by a local jeweler using 24-carat gold, and the process took a few months to complete.

The procedure to implant the gold tooth was carried out under anesthesia, with the tigress under close supervision from a team of experienced veterinarians. The implant was placed in the tigress’s mouth, and she was kept under observation for several days to ensure that she was comfortable and recovering well.

This innovative solution to replace the cracked tooth has been applauded by animal welfare organizations around the world. It is not just a cosmetic solution; it is essential for the tigress’s well-being. A cracked tooth can cause immense pain, and untreated dental issues can lead to further complications that could even be life-threatening.

The use of a gold implant is not uncommon in veterinary medicine, but it is a rare occurrence in the animal world. Gold is an inert material, which means that it does not react with the body’s tissues. This makes it an ideal material for implants, as it reduces the risk of any complications.

Sahebrao is now recovering well, and her new gold tooth has given her a new lease on life. She can now eat without any discomfort, and her overall health has improved significantly. The gold tooth has not only improved her quality of life, but it has also become a symbol of the innovation and dedication of the zoo officials and veterinarians who took care of her.

In conclusion, the story of Sahebrao and her gold implant is an inspiring tale of human innovation and animal welfare. It shows us that even the smallest of animals deserve our utmost care and attention, and that there is always a solution to every problem. We can all take a lesson from this story and work towards a world where all animals are treated with the respect and compassion they deserve.


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