When the elderly dog sees her best friend returning from the army, she sobs with joy and breaks down in tears.

We’ve seen countless videos throughout the years of owners and their pets getting together, and we can’t help but be in awe of how great they are. This photo of a Golden Retriever with his owner shows an emotional reunion. You’ll undoubtedly feel touched and cry over it.

Prepare your tissues because this is a heartwarming story.

13-year-old Buddy The golden retriever has lived his entire life on earth with Hannah Foraker, his dearest buddy. Hannah enlisted in the army and went to Oklahoma for basic training after turning 21. When Hannah said farewell to her animal companion and her horse Derby, her heart bled. After three months of basic training, Hannah was overjoyed to see Buddy when she came home for the holidays. Buddy’s pleasure and joy upon seeing Hannah again were hard to control.

Since Buddy was a puppy, Hannah and Buddy have been dating. Buddy could very well welcome Hannah with wide arms despite the fact that he is very elderly, arthritic, and nearly deaf. After three months apart, he is overjoyed to see Hannah and immediately buries his head in her lap while crying. Naturally moved, Hannah begins to cuddle her close buddy.

When the front door was opened, he rushed outside to welcome Foraker and her family before turning around and approaching her again. Buddy serves as a good example of how devoted dogs can be. They show “unconditional love” to their loved ones and never forget about them. Because they are our family and friends, we should take care of our closest companions.

The video below shows Buddy and his owner’s touching reunion.

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